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About Macomber Inc

Macomber was founded in Hong Kong in 1971 by a gentleman named Pal Melwani, one of the first Hong Kong tailors to visit the U.S. Back then, when Richard Nixon was president, a custom-tailored suit could be had for a mere $75, polyester of course, complete with wide lapels, bell bottoms and shirt buttons undone to reveal just the right amount of chest hair.

Mr. Pal’s mission was to provide his customers, many of them hard to fit, with an affordable option to the overpriced local tailors they were previously forced to use. The very mention of Hong Kong is synonymous with a high-quality yet affordable suit Over his 35 years of travel, Mr. Pal must have crisscrossed the U.S. a couple hundred times, making more than 10,000 customer visits in the process. Meanwhile in Hong Kong, Mr. Pal’s son, Vinny Melwani was being trained to join the family business. Growing up under the same roof as the family’s tailor shop, Vinny learned the trade on his father’s knee. After college in Houston, Texas, Vinny worked as an IT executive in Singapore, Hamburg and London. But with clothes and fashion never far from his mind it wasn’t long before Vinny moved back to Hong Kong to rejoin the family business.

Today, Vinny has taken over from his father on the travels, expanding the company’s reach to Europe while Mr. Pal continues to be involved with the business he loves, supervising the company’s team of tailors in Hong Kong to maintain the tradition of fine tailoring and shirtmaking that customers have come to expect.