Why Custom Made

The perfect fit
Why custom made

Why, you may be asking, should I get my clothes tailored when I can buy “off the rack”?

The Fit

If you’ve never worn a custom-made suit, you’ll never know how well a suit can fit. Unlike factory-made garments that are designed for Mr. Average, our suit is made just for you. We craft each piece of clothing around the dimension of your body, taking more than 20 precise measurements to ensure that the end result is a perfect fit. 


Want working buttonholes on your jacket sleeves? Or what about two-button cuffs on your shirt? A classic English cutaway shirt collar perhaps. With custom-made clothing you get to choose all the details. From pocket styles and pleats, to the color of your jacket lining. The choice is yours. 


Why buy “off the rack” when custom-tailored garments cost the same as – or even less than – an equivalent factory-made garment. Why settle to settle for an almost fit, when a perfect fit is just as affordable?

Shirts: from US$ / € 70 to 145
Suits: from US$ / € 495 to 1,350
Jackets: from US$ / € 395 to 975
Trousers: from US$ / € 145 to 350
Top Coats: from US$ / € 595 to 1,400
Tuxedos / Smoking: from US$ / € 595 to 1,500