Tailoring Experience

Truly bespoke
About Macomber Inc

If you’ve never purchased custom-made clothing you may be wondering how it all works:

  1. A personal appointment, at your convenience, will be arranged to take your measurements either at our tailor’s hotel, or at your business premises.
  2. We will then offer impartial advice on the most suitable fabrics for your jacket, shirt or suit taking into account a number of factors such as your shape, skin tone, and of course budget. Choose from more than 5,000 fabric types.
  3. Choose the style and finishing details you prefer.
  4. Payment for the order is settled and your order is electronically dispatched to Hong Kong, along with a digital photo of you, for immediate processing.
  5. A garment that is distinctively yours will be crafted and shipped to you by express air courier, to arrive a few weeks after your appointment.

Vinny visits Europe and the USA twice a year. Contact him to set up an appointment with you.