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Frequently asked questions

I’m not hard to fit. Why should I get custom-made when off-the-rack fits me fine?

We can make you a custom-made suit or shirt for less than you would pay for a ready-made garment of the same quality. Plus we offer you a choice of more than 5,000 fabric types, as well as all the individual details such as button, pocket, pleat and cuff styles. You would never get this kind of choice in a shop.

Should I be concerned about something that is “Made in Hong Kong”?

Absolutely not. Hong Kong has more than 100 years of tailoring tradition stemming from its days as a British colony. Seeing the skill of the local Chinese tailors, the British schooled them in the art of British bespoke tailoring. Today, local tailors carry on this fine tradition, using wools imported from the top European mills, producing top-quality clothes at a competitive price. Our all-wool suits start at just US$ / € 495 while custom-made shirts start at US$ / € 70.

How can you offer a fully bespoke suit for such a low price?

By taking advantage of the cost competitiveness of Hong Kong and China. Designer labels have been making their clothes in Asia for years, making record profits for themselves in the process. But because we don’t have high-street rents or expensive advertising budgets to pay, we pass these savings to you.

What if the clothes don’t fit?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We have been in business for 35 years because we do what it takes to make our customers happy. On the rare occasions when a suit does not fit we will make the necessary adjustments in house at no extra cost to you. Normally the alteration required is a minor one, a sleeve that needs to be adjusted by a 1/4-inch or so, and we can have the finished garment back with you in a couple of weeks. On the even rarer occasions that the clothes still don’t fit, we’ll completely remake them free of charge.

Do you make clothes for women?

Sorry, we only tailor clothes for men.

What types of fabrics can I choose from?

We carry more than 5,000 types of fabrics for shirts, suits, jackets and slacks, from mills in the UK, Italy, Germany and Spain. This includes both summer-weight fabrics such as lightweight wools and cottons, as well as warmer winter-weight fabrics such as cashmeres and tweeds. These brands have a reputation for making the finest cloth available anywhere:

  • Ermenegildo Zegna
  • Loro Piana
  • Holland & Sherry
  • Toni Tommi
  • Vitale Barberis Canonico
  • John Cooper
  • Dormeuil

How do I set up an appointment?

Simply contact us and we’ll make sure we see you on our next visit.

How long does a typical appointment last?

This depends largely on the individual, but first appointments usually last 45 minutes: about 20 minutes to choose the right fabric, 15 minutes for the measurements to be taken and 10 minutes to confirm styling details.

How is the order processed?

Your measurements and digital photographs are emailed to Hong Kong immediately after your appointment, where we start work on your order immediately. Each suit is completely hand-made. First an expert cutter prepares a personal paper pattern based on your measurements and body shape. Then the appropriate length of cloth is rolled out, and cut and trimmed according to your pattern. The parts of the garment are then stitched together to make the finished suit. After a thorough quality control procedure, which includes the recording of all finished measurements in a database to be referenced for future orders, the garments are packed and shipped.

How do I pay?

In the US we accept cash, credit card or personal check. In Europe, we accept cash, credit card, check or direct bank transfer. Please note that we require payment in full at the time of the appointment.

How long before I receive my clothes?

Well-crafted products take time to make. Our current lead time is about 6 weeks from the placing of your order to their delivery.

How do you ship?

The majority of our orders are shipped via UPS or equivalent, which means that you should receive your clothes a few days after we ship them.

I’m planning to visit Hong Kong. Can I make a suit from you when I’m there?

Yes of course. Just drop us a note to let us know when you’re coming and we’ll make sure you’re well looked after. If you’re planning to be here more than a few days, we can have your clothes ready before you leave. What’s more you’ll save about 20% or more on your purchases in Hong Kong due to savings in shipping and custom duty.  

How durable are your suits?

Generally speaking the durability of a suit depends on the fabric (the heavier the better), and how often it is worn, but you can be sure that our clothes are built to last. Honestly, we get customers coming to see us wearing suits that they purchased 10 or even 15 years back. Sure we’d love to see our customers a little more often, but there can be no compromise on quality.

What if I put on a few extra pounds?

Happens to the best of us. But don’t worry, we leave a lot of extra fabric inside those critical seams for just such an eventuality. The alteration is a simple one that can be done locally.

I’m a happy customer. How do I reorder?

We keep all your measurements on a database for easy retrieval – the measurements taken at the appointment as well as the finished measurements of each and every shirt or suit we make. Need to order 6 more white or blue shirts? Just drop us a mail and we’ll have them to you in a few weeks.