An indulgence that everyone can afford
Custom made shirts

Eat what you like, but dress for other people.

Benjamin Franklin

A custom-tailored shirt is an indulgence that everyone can afford – a shirt made to your exact specifications designed to make you look and feel your very best. Choose from hundreds of different cloths, from super-smart and smooth Sea Island cottons to casual yet elegant Oxfords.

The look today is stripes, either a subtle striped shirt to wear with a suit, or bolder, more colorful stripes to pair with a sports coat or chinos.

Our shirts are crafted to more than 20 individual measurements and take into account details such as shoulder shape and posture. With dozens of collar and cuff styles to choose from, as well as a range of pleats and monograms, the result is a perfect fitting shirt as individual as its owner.

Prior to shipping, all finished measurements are taken and stored on our database, which makes reordering as simple as picking up the phone or firing off an email.