First impressions count
Custom made suits

Gentlemen's clothes are a symbol of the power that men must hold, and that passes from race to race.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

First impressions count, and like it or not, a well-tailored well-fitting suit says more about you than you would believe. There’s nothing that fits better and looks better than a bespoke suit – a suit that is made for you and only you.

All our suits have the subtle details that characterize bespoke clothing .You may not notice them, but you’ll be glad they’re there. All this at a starting price of just US$490 / € 425:

  • Working buttonholes on the sleeves upon request
  • Hand-stitched lapels (if you want them)
  • Plenty of inside pockets – for pens, business cards, and the like
  • Your choice of matching or contrast lining
  • Felt-lined collars for extra roll
  • Double-piped pockets so flaps can be worn out or tucked in
  • Rubberised grip in the waistband – keeps your trousers up and your shirt tucked in
  • Extra-deep trouser pockets – so stuff doesn’t fall out when you sit
  • Cuff stays – ensure that your trouser bottoms don’t fray when rubbing against the heel of your shoe over time
  • Trouser bottoms cut at an angle to ensure proper length at front and back